Most Often Asked Questions

Q.Why would I want to use your service?

Q. Is your service similar to a Mail Order Bride company?

Q. Are the women on your service really interested in me,or just coming to America?

Q. Is there a charge for the women who participate on your service?

Q. What kind of a response will I receive?

Q. How long will I have to wait for a response?

Q. How important are looks?

Q. Are the addresses I receive current?

Q. Is age an important factor?

Q. Should I send money to the women I correspond with to help with their expenses?

Q. Who may use Colombian Bride's services?

Q. How may I make payment when I order?

Q. How do I view the attached file?

Q. Could you send me more information concerning your company?

Q. How do I view the encoded Cyrillic text?